We Coach, We Fit, We Care

We Coach, We Fit, We Care

After spending years honing our skills and working closely with club golfers like you, we're confident that we can lend a helping hand wherever your game needs a little fine-tuning.

As your PGA Professional team, we deeply care about your golf game and the enjoyment it brings you. That's where the philosophy of We Coach, We Fit, We Care comes into action – our approachable team is always ready to listen to your concerns and help you make positive changes that bring success on the course.  



We Coach

Golf coaching offers numerous benefits to players of all levels, from beginners to seasoned pros. Through regular practice sessions and constructive feedback, every golfer can enjoy long-term success in this game while also benefiting from the encouragement and supportive environment provided by a member of our team.

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We Fit

Buying a new set of irons or the latest driver is a big decision; one that we want you to enjoy making. For this enjoyment to lead to continuous improvements on the golf course, a thorough custom fit is essential to ensure you get the most from your new purchase. We all have individual swing nuances and desires, and the personalised custom fit process delves into every detail, from club length to grip size, ensuring that each club in your bag is finely tuned for maximum performance.

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We Care

Unlike many online and high-street retailers, we don't stop caring the moment you buy from us. As your PGA professional team, we want to see a smile on your face every time you walk off the course. From the moment you walk through the door, we will always try our upmost to ensure you walk away happy.

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